Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adios, tree

Cut in half and loaded on the Big Dummy for a ride to the collection pile for mulching.
It's just starting to snow here. I know I'm getting weirder as I get older, but for some reason I'm really enjoying the snow this year.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some things I've discovered since last we connected

Ten years on with my green Surly Cross-Check, it continues to perpetually morph into the next great thing.
Wearing a suit while riding a Denver B-cycle on icy streets is logical, and oddly comfortable.
Movie theater lobbies are now apparently infested with enormous, squirrel-like, wisecracking, hipster rodents.
In related news, this is Scout, our new dog. A canine willing to let squirrel-like rodents run amok, she is not.
Not pictured: The squirrel who met a gruesome end after mistaking Scout for a typical, non-hardscrabble-fend-for-yourself-former-stray type dog.
FYI: Circa '80s vintage, Canadian-built, steering-wheeled sleds found for free on the curb during the summer are worth strapping onto the Big Dummy. Who looks silly now? Just saying...
Not much beats the combo of a well-groomed sled hill and no school over winter break.
Just because science has advanced to a point where pancakes can be made with M&Ms and sprinkled with "elf dust," it will never emerge as the wisest formula for a nutritious breakfast.
Lastly, this view still comprises the extent of my world most of the time. But not for long.
Happy 2012, everyone!