Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The difference that a couple of days makes

Both girls on the back of the Big Dummy for our first official Daddy/Daughters/Dummy ride.
Last weekend, we were in the midst of pleasant, if a bit windy, Spring days. We took advantage of the time to ride the Big Dummy, which ended up being the first in which both girls rode on the rear deck. It worked out well, and I used the experience to think through some pending modifications to my home-built seat, which I'll document here. The seat itself predates this blog, but I intend to use forensic reconstruction to document how a similar seat may be built, for those of you who may have an interest in producing one of your own.

The ride itself was, by all accounts, a resounding success. As was the case with the older daughter when she was a new Big Dummy co-pilot, the younger daughter seemed to enjoy snacking along the way. Unsurprisingly, the furry daughter had no complaints about the ride.

Scout never seems to tire of bike rides.

Lots of waterfowl activity on and around the lake.
Back at home, the fun continued after the ride. Lil Sis is now able to stand well, with a self-assertive defiance. She also takes several steps in whichever direction that most advances her latest designs on world domination, though she isn't quite officially walking, yet.

Ready to rumble.
Savoring victory with a roar. Not joking at all. We're in for it with this one.
Judiciously avoids conflict.
The weather made a sharp turn shortly after our Daddy/Daughters/Dummy ride, dropping unseasonably intense and consistent snow. Today marks the third successive day of snowstorms. It also marks my 114th consecutive day of riding a bike, so the streak continues.

The Pugsley has a flat that I've been too lazy to fix, so the Cross-Check has been called to duty. 
Intermittent snow and melting. We're finally getting the winter we should've had a couple of months ago.
Big Sis did a good job on this snowman; racing the melting, wet snow.


  1. As soon as I saw the first picture I thought
    "I need to hurry up and build a seat for Coen. He's going to love it."

    Then I read the text. Looking forward to whatever bits of the construction process you're able to share.

    1. It's easy to have fun on two wheels in many different ways, but I have to say nothing tops riding a long tail with an enthusiastic little co-pilot on the back seat. You'll both love it.

      I'm happy to oblige, and look forward to seeing how you build yours.