Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Late September evening ride

Soaking up the last rays of the sunset
It was the end of an unseasonably hot day. To enjoy the evening atmosphere, my daughter and I walked Heidi. Well, actually I walked and she rode. Ever since she learned how to ride a pedal bike, this has been a common evening pastime for the three of us. This time of year, it's important to make the most of the nice weather before snow and ice and dismal gray become the standard. I'm not looking forward to the change this year.
It's sometimes difficult to capture a moving target
After walking Heidi, it was starting to get dark. She wasn't quite ready to go in for the night, so she asked me to get out the Big Dummy for a longer ride. Who am I to deny such a request from a little girl?
With her aboard, the Big Dummy is a rolling snack machine
Five miles later we were back home, after riding past the farm, the library, the flower garden, through neighborhoods and a few parks. We also tossed in a short segment off the pavement through a forested area in a park with a short, fast and bumpy downhill; a long-time favorite of hers. She seems to enjoy the dirt so much that maybe I'll put a mountain bike together for her next year.

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