Thursday, July 7, 2011

101st post: Happy anniversary to Big Dummy Daddy

A very wet bean green Cross Check. Although it may not be apparent in the photo, I'm drenched to the skin.
This little blog has been in existence for one year as of today. If you, like me, are inclined to receive some sort of odd satisfaction from seeing numbers on the odometer roll by, this is also coincidentally my 101st post. So there's that. On to the start of year two...

Since the beginning of the year, I've been loosely keeping track of notable factors of my bike riding. One of those factors is weather related. In February, I rode during what was likely the coldest day of the year. After today, it's now probably safe to say that I've ridden on the wettest day of the year. I don't know what the rain total was, as I don't often watch the news, but I do know that I encountered several places downtown where the water was up to the hubs of my faithful old Surly Cross Check. I also know that the rain was pouring down in such copious amounts that I wouldn't have been much wetter if I'd been swimming instead of riding. In the end, it's difficult to complain about any rain in our semi-arid region, and riding through puddles with a fender-equipped bike is always fun.
Sister-in-law Jennie (on the right) accurately referred to our group as a peloton. Brother-in-law Jeff (center) showed off some bunny-hopping for his boys. Nieces and nephews experimented with dirt biking. Way to go with all the cool bike stuff!
It also rained yesterday, but not nearly as much. In fact, even though raindrops created moiré patterns on the street, it wasn't enough to deter us from our usual evening ride to the park, this time with many visiting relatives in tow. It's always nice to have a couple of co-pilots accompany me on the Dummy, and to have enough bikes on hand for virtually any combination of visitors. That could also be taken as an indicator that I have too many bikes, but I'd rather think that it signifies that I'm an accommodating host.

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