Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Biking with a daughter and a dogter

A couple of kids; one each of the furry and not-as-furry varieties.
It's the middle of Spring Break, so we took a chance to catch some sun. There are some decent dirt trails at a large open space a couple of miles away, so we packed a lunch and made it into a half day adventure. 
At this point, one had gotten wet, but the other was still dry.
In addition to trails, another attraction was a stream with some great little sandy alcoves to explore. The enjoyment of racing twigs downstream and digging holes in sand seems to transcend species and generations. 
Need a volunteer to help out with that sandwich?
She likes to be the leader.
The springtime has brought out an abundance of flora and fauna. We found quite a bit of wildlife, including aquatic creatures.
This was quite a large crayfish with an impressively big green claw.
This wild creature was newly discovered to be a water lover.
I almost forgot to mention that Scout has become quite a bike dog, and happily runs along on a leash and harness next to me. She's got great endurance and we can go for five or six miles at a time. I still need to build her a rig to ride on the Big Dummy for longer distances and greater speeds.
Proof of the biker dog.
We got home just in time to help Lil Sis with a bath.

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