Friday, June 15, 2012

Big Dummy tennis chauffeur

Road train: four wheels and four paws chugging along.
Last evening we loaded up the Dummy with the objective of playing a little tennis in the perfectly calm air. For the ride to the court, I was accompanied by all my girls, both human and canine. Once there, Mommy and the big girl hit the ball to each other while I hung out with the little girl and Scout.
Lil Sis is really starting to interact and show a lot of expression. Gotta love the shirt with monkeys on a bike.
Scout was a bit curious as to why two humans would play with a ball without either chewing on it.
Prime court-side seating.
Following tennis, we rode home, where I inevitably tinkered with the Pugsley for a while. I dressed it up in some bikepacking gear, to see how it all fit. So far I have a Revelate/Surly frame bag, a pair of Salsa Anything cages, and an old Jandd seat pack that I got in the late '80s. I packed a test load into the frame bag, including my Eno camping hammock and some other random items. Riding it around the back yard, I was pleased with how the loaded frame bag didn't intrude into my pedaling space.

I'll have to do some more testing and figure out a few more equipment carrying solutions, but there is definitely some bikepacking in the Pugsley's future. I have no specifics or destinations yet planned, and I probably don't have time to put together an epic trip, but I'll figure out a way to make use of my two-wheeled RV.
The Pugsley in partial bikepacking livery. Next up will be figuring out more carrying capacity.
Salsa Anything cages on the front of the Pugsley. Anything cages are an interesting concept to carry light, somewhat bulky items, though I'm not yet certain what I'll carry in them.
An important discovery is that the length of baby feet is shorter than the width of a fatbike tire.

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