Monday, August 19, 2013

First day of school

Riding to school.
Today was the first day of school. We had a nice ride along the trail on a perfect morning. It's hard to believe that summer vacation is already over, but it is good to remember that summer itself still has more than a month left.
Locking up. There were three other bikes at the rack.
For whatever reason, the first day of school is only a half day, so I picked her up for a picnic lunch on the way home. We ate our sandwiches while talking about the cell structure of plants, among other potential science fair ideas. Afterwards, we rode the trail home. Here's to another great school year!


  1. So nice that you have a safe route to school and that she enjoys her outdoor time with you. Looks like we'll be in Parker (not by choice, but rather convenience). I'm currently trying to map a route to E's school. It'll be fun to discover new things through her eyes.

    1. Parker should be a nice, semi-rural community with a lot of dirt riding nearby. I haven't spent a lot of time in Parker, but I know it is close to some trails and state parks.

      It's always fun to experience things through the eyes of a kid. I admit to being a bit jaded about many things, but riding with my daughters has helped me to see some of them anew.