Friday, November 29, 2013

Whatever they call it, around here it's Bike Friday

As is our tradition, we refrained from spending any money today, and instead took the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful late November day. We are very fortunate to get quite a few terrific days with 60 degree F weather sprinkled throughout the winter. When fine weather coincides with a day off, there is no better way to soak up some precious sunlight.

We had a nice Thanksgiving meal yesterday and the girls really enjoyed the food. Perhaps the pinnacle of their enjoyment was getting to lick the beaters from the whipped cream.

Unbridled joy.
A sampling of two types of pumpkin pie, and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.
Today marks the second anniversary of Scout coming home to live with us. She has been a good dog and continues to learn how to live in the world of people. Here's to many more rides.

Scout is my shadow, much more often than not.


  1. Nice strider! Santa is going to bring our little lady one this Christmas.

    We are really keeping an eye out for a used Dummy also.

    1. That was the plan here too, but a month or so ago she was really wanting to ride like big sister. Before I knew it, we were assembling the Strider together. My older daughter had a Skuut bike, when she was younger, but the Strider is smaller, lighter, and easier for a really little one to ride. I've already got a similarly sized pedal bike, so when she gets curious about pedaling, the transition will be simple.

      Good luck in your search for a Dummy. For me, it was a life changing bike. FYI, sometimes a used Xtracycle is easier to locate. Depending on your needs, it could be a good alternative.

  2. Thanks! I will look into the Xtracycle! We will post pics of our little on on xmas morning with her strider. SHE LOVES throwing a leg over them when we hit the bike stores! Figured it was time. She is very petite so the Strider was a perfect fit!

    We are starting a Forum for adventure families if you want to check it out. Not sure if our google accounts links back to it or not, but if not here is a link!

    Happy Cycling!!

    1. You won't go wrong with a Strider, and I'm sure she'll love it.

      I checked out your forum. It's a great idea. It would seem as though you are East Coast based, correct? I'm very jealous of your great Sprinter van. It's basically the exact thing I've been dreaming of for some time. I've got a vintage camp trailer, but it may be time to look for something a bit better suited for supporting bike adventures.