Thursday, December 5, 2013

346 days and counting

It's somewhere around zero degrees Fahrenheit, and I'm cruising on my Monocog with Scout.
For the past 346 consecutive days, I've ridden a bike. Many bikes, actually, but at least one ride per day. I'm sure that many people have surpassed this figure without even counting or thinking about it. I've never counted before, but I'm quite certain that this is a record for me.

I've found that no matter what, it's always great to get out to ride, even on a day like today when I haven't seen the thermometer above 9 degrees F. The Redline easily passed its snow test, though on squirmy, mealy super-cold compacted powder, it is no match for the sure footed traction of my Pugsley.

The streak continues...


  1. My record was 300 days in a calendar year. 365 straight is commendable! I personally like taking long walks in the Wilderness which preclude being able to get on a bicycle but such is life.

    1. Taking long walks in the Wilderness is an interruption I wouldn't mind having. Due to commitments of life, I'm nearly always required to remain in my urban/suburban setting. As an old Wyoming kid entrenched in Denver, I'm envious of your more rural Montana setting.

  2. Congratulations!
    If my calculations are correct you have now surpassed day 365 of riding.
    No small feat for a man with a wife and two children.

    Thanks for the inspiration, between you and Nicholas and Lael (who I had the pleasure of riding with this past week) there is no shortage of inspiration.
    A merry Christmas to you and your crew.

    1. Thanks! You beat me to making a post, as I've had a lot of family in town since I hit the mark. About 99% of the days, it was little or no trouble to find at least a few minutes for a ride; actually easier than finding time to blog about it.

      I know you've got two yourself nowadays, but I'll bet your oldest is turning into a good riding buddy. My best to you and yours, and say hi to Nick and Lael the next time you see them.