Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break

Sisters, big and little.
It's the first week of spring. Although we've gotten a bit of snow in the past few days, and it isn't quite short-sleeve weather outside, we are enjoying the subtle greening of the landscape. Yesterday evening, the girls were out on wheels during a family walk. On her own accord, Little Sister eagerly picked up her Strider bike and headed down the street, even foregoing offers of a wagon ride. She rode a couple of blocks in total, there and back. She's been picking up speed and confidence, and will likely discover balanced coasting by summer.
On the back yard circuit.
A little earlier in the day, Big Sister came to work with Daddy. Spring Break is an opportunity for her to visit my office on campus in a 129-year old house with old comfy chairs and reading nooks perfect for a bookworm. For lunch, we went out for slices of pizza that were about as long as her arm.
Big girl, big pizza.
A scientific surface traction test of her cool Lego Technic dune buggy.

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