Thursday, April 17, 2014

Regresamos de México

This kid personified the joy of biciclettas. Note his bikey t-shirt.
It seems that I'm always making some flimsy excuse for not providing timely updates to this blog, but this time, it's a solid excuse. To commemorate 20 years of matrimonial bliss, Mrs. Big Dummy Daddy and I took a trip to Mexico. In fact, this was our first non family-related destination, kidless trip since our 10th anniversary, so we were well overdue.

We found Baja California Sur to be a terrific place to get some sun, spectacular food and drinks, and recharge our batteries. However, the bike element of the trip was passive, limited to spectating the vibrant array of pedal powered life visible almost everywhere. That's right; seven days without a ride. You won't hear me complain though.

I'll post something more red-meat-ish regarding bikes before long, but in the mean time, here are a few random photos from our trip. Some are with bikes and some without.

Another pic of the kid above.

A nice bike lane with bump separators, and protected by traffic control personnel.

Lots of bike traffic in the bike lane, and no helmets to be seen. Residents and tourists alike made good use.

Pedal-powered vendors were omnipresent.

We had this beach nearly to ourselves.

The only other occupants were a mare and her filly.

A cliff with an arch tunnel on Isla Partida.
That's a sea lion underwater. We did some snorkeling and they swam around us.


  1. We encountered a political rally in La Paz where young people were enlisted to perform tricks on BMX bikes and skateboards. Also, I think I've been to that beach. Such lovely waters around there. Glad you had a proper vacation, finally.

    1. I wondered if you'd made it down there, as the whole peninsula seems like prime Gypsy territory and would make for great fatbiking. There were still a lot of bikes and skateboards in LaPaz. That beach with the horse was actually on the Pacific side, near Todos Santos, an area that was much less populated than La Paz, and which I think we both preferred.

      After plunging back into regular life, it almost seems as though the trip never happened, but I plan to not let another 10 years elapse before getting away again.