Friday, August 15, 2014

First day of school

As incomprehensible and summer-stealingly ridiculous as it sounds, today, mathematically not quite halfway through August, is the first day of school. We made the most of it, and had a nice family ride to get there. Little sis was a bit confused, especially when we towed her big sister's bike home, due to after school activities that will preclude the possibility of riding home.


  1. Kids are already back to school? Wow. Mine don't go back until Aug 25th.
    Btw, nice tow rig.

    1. For whatever the reason, our school district decided to annex the last weekend of summer vacation by inaugurating the new school year with a meaningless half day on a Friday. Seems like they creep the start date earlier each year.

      Thanks, the tow rig works well for bikes with 20" or larger wheels. I used to be able to carry her bike off the ground on the tray, back when she was riding a bike with 16" wheels.