Thursday, September 18, 2014

Public service announcement: 1991 Diamond Back Master TG seatpost size

Yep, it reads 27.0 mm on that Avenir 4130 steel seatpost.
 Per request from a reader, here are some images of the seat tube cluster on my 1991 Diamond Back Master TG. As these bikes age, there are likely still many usable frames out there in the wild. A critical element of putting one back together is to source the correct size of seatpost. As this type of info can be difficult to find elsewhere, I'm posting it here. For the record, the frame requires a 27.0 mm seatpost.

If you're here for the purpose of rebuilding an old Diamond Back road bike, you may be interested in learning more about my pepto-pink '91 Master TG, which I discovered nearly unused a few years ago. Good luck with your project!
Seat cluster from the back...

...the left side...

...and the right.

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  1. Thank you so much Andy! Confirms my setup and allows me to finish the build!