Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween ride

Sugar-fueled greeting from the back seat
We had some errands to do, so we decided to squeeze in a slightly extended bike ride while we were at it. We picked up a few things from the grocery store, including pumpkin pie making materials, then ventured through the bucolic suburban landscape.
For those with sharp eyes, yes, that's my Wrangler western bike riding shirt
The objective was our own local miniature run of singletrack. The trail is only a few hundred feet long, but satisfyingly bumpy, swoopy and crunchy, with a carpet of fallen leaves.
Raring to go around another time
Since we first started riding the Big Dummy nearly two years ago, she has asked to go on the singletrack whenever we're within several blocks of the park. I usually try to oblige if time allows. Today, the trail was one of the main purposes of our ride, and we took the time to make several circuits. It's great to have such a nice day on Halloween. I know the years with bad weather tend to stand out in memory, but it really does seem that there have been far more snowy and cold than pleasant Halloweens around here.
Yahoo! Blue tongue courtesy of a blueberry lollipop
Action shot following a short downhill


  1. What did Stella dress up as for Halloween??

  2. She was a Queen Butterfly. I just put up a new post with photos and details.