Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween aftermath

Queen Butterfly trick-or-treating at Oma's house
Prompted by a question from G, here's how Halloween night ended up for us. Our girl went as a Queen Butterfly, a title and concept of her own. She played the role well, truly becoming a nectar-infused monarch. We hit a couple of neighborhoods, including a particularly over-the-top neighborhood populated by many of her school friends.
On the prowl for sucrose with other disguised marauders
 She took on pumpkin design for the first time this year, drawing a three-eyed alien face on a pumpkin, subsequently carved by Daddy. She also contributed art direction for the pig pumpkin.
Alien (top) and pig pumpkins
After a successful haul on her part, and sometime late in the night, the candy fairy visited our house. The candy fairy exchanged all the excess candy for a cool new Cat in the Hat book, much to her delight when she discovered it in the morning. Thanks, candy fairy!


  1. Interesting, this candy fairy concept.

  2. It's a parental survival technique to reduce sugar loading, adopted from my sister-in-law. I express my gratitude to the candy fairy,

  3. Love the three-eyed pumpkin!

  4. She's been big on aliens recently, and as you know, aliens have three eyes.