Saturday, April 23, 2011

Youngsters growing up

Notice anything missing?
Our girl lost her first tooth this morning after a few weeks of watching it become progressively more loose. For her part, she helped it along by nearly constantly wiggling it.
It's got a date with the tooth fairy.
We have some other youngsters in our household who are also growing up. This year's first crop of house finches are maturing and will probably be old enough to leave the nest in a couple of weeks. We've had a string of house finch families living on our back porch each spring for the past five years.
Four baby finches is probably our biggest brood yet.
If you're wondering whether this will be an entry without bike content, wonder no more. Last night people came together to celebrate another young thing that is growing up at the Denver B-cycle one year anniversary party.
Julie arriving in style via Denver B-cycle number 333.
The 15th and Delgany B-station was quite popular because of proximity to the MCA.
Bike dignitaries from around the city converged on the Museum of Contemporary Art last night. Mayor Vidal, Dr. Eric France of Kaiser Permanente, Bob Burns of B-cycle, Adam Lerner of MCA and others led the festivities. They congratulated the operators of Denver B-cycle, the people of the city, and visitors who have used the system on a successful first year and a promising future.
Mayor Vidal

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