Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day weekend

The loss of a second tooth has made corn on the cob more of a challenge.
Even the most casual reader may have noticed that this blog has remained dormant for some time. The lack of activity herewith closely coincides with a recent tenacious string of illnesses that I have endured, culminating in sinusitis and bronchitis, neither of which I can wholeheartedly recommend. However, I am starting to feel better even as I continue to hack phlegm and eject mucus. On that happy vision, I present the following photos to show some of the highlights of this weekend made possible by terrific weather.

Following the first backyard barbeque of the year, the perfect Saturday evening called for an after dinner ride around the neighborhood and a local park. The day had reached in excess of 80F, which seems fairly hot for this time of year.
The air temperature was perfect; the only detraction being intermittent clouds of gnats at eye level. After a brief stop, we decided to venture away from the lake where the gnats seemed to concentrate.
Vamping for the camera.
The view from the reverse features the setting sun over the lake.
For this ride I chose my Surly Cross Check, a bike that has been under-ridden in recent years, mostly because my Big Dummy is usually just too convenient. However, it's worth the effort to grab the Cross Check, because it is a great bike in its current configuration as a very clean and mild-mannered single speed. It being a single speed placed me on the same footing as our girl on her bike, and in my depleted state I struggled to keep up at times.
The blur in the distance is our little hot rod.
This morning, she and I presented Mommy with breakfast in bed. I think it was appreciated. Afterwards, among other things we had a nice ride, although the 85F heat seemed to melt us at times. In all, not a bad way to spend the weekend.
Carrying carefully.
The clock is in fact displaying double digits. Good for us all.

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