Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tomato season

Within seconds of this photo, both tomatoes had disappeared.
Things have been quite busy around the old bike ranch as of late, largely with projects that are not directly relevant to this blog, hence the lack of recent posts. I'll fit in what I can when I'm able. In the mean time, dear reader, please make do with this for now.

After a summer weather pattern of rainy stretches followed by heat streaks, it's looking to be a good year for tomatoes, at least in our garden. The first couple of ripe cherry tomatoes popped up a few days back. Judging from the amount of ripening fruit on the vine, we're going to be flooded with them in a couple of weeks.

The first day of school is amazingly now less than a week away. The summer has just zoomed by, but it still seems as though they start school earlier every year.

We've been trying to fit in as much riding as we are able, but we still haven't done as much as we'd like. I'd especially like to hit Valmont Park in Boulder to check out the dirt offerings and pump track there. Denver now has its own smaller version at Barnum Park, which is another hopeful destination for the near future.
Classic Airstream camp trailer seen on a ride the other night.

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