Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun run

Ready to hustle!
Today was our school's annual fun run. It delivered as promised. She did great and turned in a solid performance. Her pace was certainly a bit quicker than when I run, which is not very often anymore.
At the starting line.
Enjoying an orange after the run.
She started out on her own, but I caught up to her so we could run together. We held hands across the finish line, sprinting to pass a boy and his dad. I was a little surprised and very impressed that she passed a number of kids along the way and kept her determination. I'll credit her competitive streak to her mother. The school did a great job running the event, and the turnout of parents and siblings was impressive.
One of the other dads was riding around this very nice vintage Redline BMX.
As usual, my ride was considerably larger.

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