Monday, October 31, 2011

It can't be Halloween. Where's the snow?

A couple of creatures sporting big, toothy grins
It seems as though Mother Nature's timing was off by a few days this year. The final bits of snow from last week's storm had withered away by this afternoon. Historically, it seems more likely than not that the weather around here is foul and cold with the occasional blizzard, just in time for trick or treating. However, this year the weather couldn't have been finer.
Joan Jett loves rock and roll. And Smarties.
In our gluttonous cruise around the neighborhood, we collected far more candy than we need. In fact, it's far more than any mortal human needs. So, we're leaving the excess out for the candy fairy. The candy fairy, for those who may not be aware, brings gifts to good little girls and boys in exchange for candy on Halloween night. I'm grateful for the candy fairy for reducing the presence of sugar, an uncontrolled but potentially dangerous substance when in high concentration in the bloodstream of young humans.
Slimy pumpkin guts
Happy Halloween! Oh, and don't forget to brush.

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  1. After seeing that Halloween costume I am off to Pandora for some female led glam-rock. Great outfit!