Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is

Feet, seen from the bottom side.
Thumbs up!
That's right. It appears as though I've been granted Daddy duties for a second go around. That means I'll likely be making some modifications to the Big Dummy, so as to better accommodate a younger passenger. Such modifications will occur a bit down the line of course, as the due date is in early March of next year.

We don't know the gender, and haven't nailed down any names yet. If you're the prognosticating sort, you can submit your baby-related guesses here, or take a look at guesses made by others.
An artist's concept illustrates some Big Dummy mods. A blonde big sister and a little pink piggy show how it would work.
Speaking of the numeral two, I happened to check out Denver B-cycle number 002 a few days ago for a snowy ride. Riding in snow and all types of weather is part of what makes riding in Denver so great.
Denver B-cycle number 002.
A B-station chilled with a blanket of morning snow.
I shuttled a basket full of snow across downtown Denver. The red bikes ride quite well on loose snow, packed snow and patchy ice.
An intrepid parent was out and about doing morning errands on this nicely equipped rig.


  1. Thanks. It seems a little wild to be starting another adventure in the midst of everything else going on, but I'm going with the flow.