Friday, April 6, 2012

BDD, Ph.D.

A blurry self portrait.
Lucky Denver B-cycle number 100.
I successfully defended my dissertation today. I've enjoyed the ride of being a student, but am grateful to be able to move on to the next stage of my life. Even better, the next stage will allow me to investigate an even wider range of the effects of bicycle use.

Thanks to the many people in the Denver bicycle community and elsewhere who have helped me along the way.


  1. Thanks, Pat and Tarik. Once I make some adjustments and finalize my thesis document, I'll probably make it available. The title is "Public Bicycle Sharing as a Population-Scale Health Intervention for Active Transportation in Denver, Colorado."

    I'm telling you this because it will likely be of interest to bike enthusiasts who are sufficiently nerdish, and, no disrespect, each of you may fit the bill.

  2. I am in! Can't wait to peruse it over wixies.

  3. Congratulations Dr. Dummy Daddy!

    That's got to feel awfully good.

    And to do it with a thesis in bicycology is even better.

  4. Tarik, it'll then be full circle, as the document was produced with the aid and inspiration afforded by wixies.

    Thanks, BW. It does indeed feel great. Finishing my degree will allow me to realize a long term goal of making a living doing what I love, while contributing to a better understanding of the effects of bicycling on society. Plus, there's probably no better justification for the self reward of a new bike.