Saturday, April 21, 2012

First bike ride for our little one

Scout inspects the Burley hitched to the Titan.
Today, the weather was so beautiful that I was inspired to dig the old Burley trailer out of the garage. It hasn't had a lot of use since I got the Big Dummy, but it is well suited for certain purposes. In this case, the goal was to take Lil Sis on her first ride. After a bit of work, the trailer was clean enough and the tires were aired up. We were ready to go.
Contemplating her surroundings.
The car seat was a tight squeeze in the single-seat Burley, but I made it work. Soon, the whole family was under way on our trip to the park. I pulled the trailer with my old Titan, while Scout trotted along with me on my left and big sister rode on my right. Mommy followed closely behind to provide reports of the baby's ride experience. It seems as though she liked it, and was soon gently jostled to sleep.
Our big girl just lost one of her upper front teeth yesterday.
We were soon at out favorite local park. We rode the trails and made a couple of loops around the big grassy field. After a while, the shade of a big tree lured us in to rest on the grass for an hour or so while the baby slept.
The girls hanging with the old man.
A couple of youngsters achieving high-speed, low-altitude orbit in the field.
Scout has turned out to be quite a biker dog. She'll happily trot beside me for miles.
Mommy resting. It was her first bike ride in quite some time.
The beauty of the day continued into the evening. Of course, this necessitated a meal in the back yard. It turned out to be the first traditional summer barbeque of the year. I know that the weather system is all screwed up and that late April shouldn't be as nice as this, but it sure is hard to complain. There may be plenty of time for complaints if July and August turn out to be crispier than usual.
Using her remaining choppers to take divots out of a cob of corn.
We've had successive nests of House Finches on our back porch for the past six years. These little guys were enjoying tag team feedings from their parents. I know all too well how the parents feel.

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