Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big bucket o'pics

Oriental poppy growing along the road spotted by a keen-eyed girl.
Updates have been a little sparse here as of late. It's been a busy week or two, so to tide my many readers over, enjoy the following random photos.

A circa 1992 AMP B-3. This was an unrequited dream bike of mine from decades past. I still admire the landing gear inspired articulating suspension fork. Spotted ignominiously tethered to a bench in front of a pizza place.
Saw this Kona Ute parked downtown. Nice looking bike.
Test rode a Surly Ogre. Big tires and a plethora of braze-ons, wrapped in luscious army green. Why is Surly so obviously trying to disturb my domestic tranquility?
She's a bit younger than her Dad's terrific 1990 Ritchey P-23, now used as a commuter.
On a ride with members and staff of Denver City Council and the Denver Police Department.
A chilly morning on a Denver B-cycle while riding to graduation.
Making the most of the post graduation reception.
Mommy in escort of one on the snapdeck and one in the trailer...
... while the furry one trots beside me.
Close-up of the Burly to Dummy connection for a commenter of a previous post. I hope this is sufficiently illustrative, Izzy.
Last day of school.

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