Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hey Daddy, I want to ride every day

Shortly before making the statement that is the title of this post.
We've been putting in a lot of miles recently, riding all over the place. This activity is due in part to a streak of terrific spring/early summer weather, and in part as an adjustment to my repatriation as a citizen of humanity. Big Sis and Scout in particular have been my avid riding buddies. We'll do our best to ride every day.
Check out that rig. The circus must be in town.
The caboose operator is asleep on duty at the end of the road train.
I've become adept at juggling. I simultaneously manage a Big Dummy with an attached Burley trailer and diminutive occupant, keep a tethered dog in check, and issue air traffic control orders to an orbiting speedster with a skid-happy brake lever. Overall, the whole operation moves surprisingly smoothly. Regardless, people often stop and stare as we go by. I'm convinced it's because they wish they were doing what we're doing.
Scout takes a Denver B-cycle ride.
She didn't think twice about trotting along beside me on an unknown bike. The transition to biker dog is complete.
I suppose this marketing effort is targeting the generation who grew up in the '70s. Works for me.
When we're not riding, we're walking. The lake in the park is flush with newly hatched chicks. The girls were focused on the goslings, but reasons likely varied by species among the observers.
All eyes on the goslings.
Vigilant parents.


  1. Do you have a special hitch for your trailer to connect to the Big Dummy? Just got mine, have a daughter about to turn a year old and my wife and I want to be able to swap the trailer from the BD to her bike (AfricaBike 3) wondering if you have a quick change method since I see you use the trailer on multiple bikes.
    Thank you!

  2. Hey Izzy, et. al,

    Congrats on your new Dummy. You'll love it, and it just may change your life. I'll put up a post a bit later with photos of my hitch attachment, as that's probably the best way to show how it all works. I just have a stock hitch on a circa 1994 Burley trailer, but it seems to easily work on most bikes, including the Big Dummy. I don't see why a hitch lie mine wouldn't work on your wife's AfricaBike 3 (another nice bike, BTW). However, I haven't taken a hard look at recent Burley hitches, so things may have changed somewhat. I'm glad to help if I can.