Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainy night ride

Night riding is fun. Puddles are fun. Night + rain = double fun.
We took a little ride to test out some newly acquired birthday gear. Of note were the new CamelBak, headlamp and riding knickers. She gave grinning approval to all. We opted for bikes with fenders to enjoy the puddles. Big Sis was a bit surprised to realize that her new mountain bike wasn't equipped with them, saying, "I thought all bikes had fenders." Around our place, with few exceptions it's easy to see how she would get that idea.

Though the little 16-inch wheeled Electra Hawaii has been a great bike, she acknowledged that it's time to pass this one down to her little sis. The Electra's coaster brake and lack of gears were also mildly lamented, indicating that she's become accustomed to the multiple gears and hand brakes of her mountain bike.

As we were riding and talking, it was she who brought up the need to find a larger replacement for her cruiser. In a flash of comprehension, I realized that the idea of having just a single bike is foreign to this girl. I shouldn't be surprised, but growing up on and around a barn full of bikes has apparently made an impression.

I've got a few vintage Schwinns in the herd, but a big bike with 26-inch wheels is still a while off from fitting. In the mean time, I suppose she's going to have to really twist my arm to go hunting for a 20" cruiser.

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