Sunday, July 8, 2012

Riding ahead of the storm

A summit pose in front of the rain approaching from the West.
We finally got some much needed moisture last night, and again today. The rain cut through the haze of wildfire smoke that's been hanging over the Denver area for a few weeks. The clear and dry morning and early afternoon was the perfect chance to get out for a ride before the next wave of thunderstorms were upon us.

Big Sis's new mountain bike proved to be a big boost to her off-road prowess, and seems very capable of enabling her to build on her already impressive array of skills. She rode terrifically, whether climbing, descending, or negotiating trail obstacles. As is reminiscent of my own riding experiences in my youth, her tires seemed to find the only mud puddle still standing. Kids and mud have a magnetic attraction. After the encounter, she reveled in "throwing some mud balls" from her tires.
It's nice to feel out in the country, even if housing developments are just out of view.
Below is my first attempt at editing together a video, which encompasses several of the highlights of the ride. The music is by The Sons of the Pioneers from sometime in the 1930s, because it just seemed to suit the mood. Enjoy!


  1. She's ripping! That's awesome. Good luck keeping up.

  2. Thanks! I'm having trouble keeping up already. It's amazing to see her discover new things and recover from obstacles. I'm seeing riding in a whole new light.