Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nick the Gypsy

Just in from Fort Collins to a typically small-scale meeting of the Denver Surly Owner's Society (S.O.S.).
This past Wednesday, I met up with Nick, otherwise known as Gypsy by Trade, an adventurous young guy who has ridden his Surly Pugsley all the way from Anchorage, Alaska, a good chunk of which was along the Continental Divide trail. Nick has been alternately riding vast sections of the world, largely offroad, and working intermittently to fund his adventures for the past four years. I like to think that if I were his age and similarly unconnected to obligations such as parenthood and a mortgage, I'd be doing something along the same lines. In any case, his travels are inspiring, and I vicariously tag along when he checks in from the trail.
Nick's loaded rig is in the 75 pound weight range, but you wouldn't know it by the way he makes those fat tires move. Phil of Denver B-cycle leads the way. 

Tracy, the illustrious organizer of the S.O.S. brings up the rear.
I opted for my befendered Surly Cross Check, as a menacing sky seemed to indicate rain in the near future.
A small group of Surly owners had some beer and shot the breeze with Nick on his way through town. We then took a ride up into the Highlands to the new location of Salvagetti, where a benefit party for Mountain2Mountain was in progress. The new shop space is really nice, and there is a lot of room for the shop to continue its role as a community gathering spot for bicyclists.
Scott of Salvagetti and Nick talking about bikes 'n' stuff.
Justin Simoni's CDT conquering single speed Kona on display at Salvagetti.
On my way home, I took advantage of a nice cool evening with slight occasional sprinkles to enjoy my trip home. I don't often ride in the Highlands and am rarely downtown at night. My effort was rewarded with seeing a glimpse of the urban nightlife, much of it seemingly enjoyed by others on bikes.
Little Man Ice Cream is a popular destination.
The Highlands Bridge is teeming with activity, even after the late-for-me-to-be-out time of 10PM.
Nick is spending a bit of time in Fort Collins getting ready for the next segment of his quest, riding the Colorado Trail starting in Waterton Canyon just South of Denver. He's in the midst of setting up a 29er trail machine for his girlfriend Lael, who will be his traveling partner for the route. Best of luck to you both, and stop in any time you're in the area.


  1. I had the very same thoughts as I was riding by the teeming nightlife in the Highlands. And I felt old.

  2. There's a bit of that going around.