Monday, August 6, 2012

A little light reading

Mobile data collection platform, October 2010.
For the small percentage of my handful of readers who may be interested in digitally thumbing through my dissertation that I completed earlier this year, a PDF version is now available. The title is, "Public Bicycle Sharing as a Population-Scale Health Intervention for Active Transportation in Denver, Colorado." To my knowledge, it is the first and perhaps only dissertation focused on investigating health and environmental impacts of a large-scale public bicycle sharing system. However, be warned that the file is a bit larger than 15 MB and the document is around 280 pages in length.

So enjoy and/or thank me later for helping to reduce your insomnia.


  1. While I was out riding for research today I was thinking to myself I'd be curious to take a look at Andy D's dissertation, I should ask him for a copy.

    Excellent timing.

  2. Happy to oblige, BW. I look forward to reading one from you at some point.