Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring break

Little sister is happy about her first real ride on the Big Dummy.
As per usual, we didn't end up going anywhere for spring break this year. We had some tentative plans for a quick trip, but the girls of the household each ended up getting sick, so we decided to take it easy and stick close to home. The week started out similarly to many past spring breaks of my experience: with a snow storm. Though the storm was heavy at times, the snow it left was typical wet spring snow, and melted quickly. This has made for copious mud, which kept us off dirt trails for the most part.
This snow fort had a well-constructed foundation, but was no match for the onslaught of the sun. 
For a time, it was chilly enough to warrant the boots, but the snow didn't stick around long.
We stopped in to see some people at Denver Bike Sharing, and she sampled some of the newest members of the Denver B-cycle fleet. Those with a tri-geared fetish may be happy to know that all B-cycle bikes are 3-speeds.
At the History Colorado Center museum, she took me for a drive in a Model T Ford. It was the best type of car: non-emitting, simulated, immobile, and with spoked wheels.
Experiencing what it might be like to be a clothing-challenged super fan, also at the museum.
We did a little hiking at Daniels Park to enjoy the view.
Today, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. After a nice meal, we all saddled up and took a ride through the neighborhood and local park. It was lil' sis's first real ride on the back of the Big Dummy, and she seemed to enjoy the experience quite a bit. She spent much of the time giggling and babbling, while intermittently drinking from her new water bottle and pointing to scenery along the way. I have a few modifications in mind to revamp my homebuilt Xtracycle-based kid seat, which are of high priority in order to meet the needs of upcoming rides. I'm starting to piece together an overnight bike camping trip to include all of us; kids, dog, and parents.
Getting the hang of drinking on the move.
Oma was along for the ride.
Back seat passengers on my Surly Big Dummy.
Scout, my faithful riding buddy.
By midway through the ride, she had mastered the use of the bottle cage.
We took a riding break for some waterfowl spectating and walking practice. 
Proud of her newly installed BaileyWorks handlebar bag. It's pink, of course. 


  1. Stella, Your bikepacking future is bright!

    Thanks for sharing Andy.

    1. We're both excited about the bikepacking prospects for the year. There is a bit more gear to assemble, but we can't wait to put it to use.