Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Impromptu bon voyage three-speed ride

Well-traveled biking couple, Gypsy Nicholas and Globe Lael, hit town today on their way to another adventure, after spending the last half year in Albuquerque. I first met them last year on their way through to ride the Colorado Trail. This time, our fair city serves as launch point for them again, though the trails they'll be hitting are half a world away.

As I write this, they're headed to the wild and wooly continent of Europe. There, they plan to rewrite the book on what it means to do a European bike tour, by seeking out off road and mountain bike routes wherever possible. I, as an avid armchair traveler, am eager to follow along. I've already put in my request that they sample pickled herring sandwiches (or any other interesting local cuisine) wherever they go.

I met up with them long enough to get a glimpse of their updated touring equipment and to have an impromptu three-speed ride aboard a few of the bikes of the Denver B-cycle fleet. As card-carrying members of the Society of Three Speeds, we called to order the ride and commenced forthwith. The ride objective was lunch at the Butcher Block Cafe, a nice little hole in the wall eatery that came recommended by Phil of Denver B-cycle. It didn't disappoint. If you go, don't miss out on a cinnamon roll.
Nicholas' new ride is an impeccably outfitted, geared Raleigh XXIX. Very nice. I don't need another bike. I don't need another bike.
The two were busy fitting their bikes into luxuriously huge Trek B-cycle boxes when I encountered them. 
He's ingeniously installed a dynamo light by drilling and tapping the crown of the Raleigh's suspension fork. 
Lael was sporting a new pair of her iconic Clarks cycling boots. Perfect footwear for the tour.
Happy trails, you two. You're welcome back any time.


  1. Andy,

    Thanks for all the help and the cinnamon roll. That was the best (official) three speed ride I have even been on. The ride has been great so far, although mostly along paved cyclepaths. We are off in search of dirt in the next few days.


    1. Glad to help and/or find an excuse for a cinnamon roll any time. Via three speeds is all the better.

      I'm enjoying your reports so far, even if from paved surfaces. I'm sure you'll hit dirt soon enough. You've really got our gears spinning over here, thinking about when it may be viable to take the girls for a family bike vacation.