Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day recap

Julie and the girls at the park.
It's been a busy week already with no letup in sight, so I'll make this brief. This past Sunday, we had a nice day of riding and relaxing, and of course a little more riding. In between, we were able to fit in some little stints of food and fun. They weather could not have been more perfect, and we are all ready for Spring to finally do its thing. Here are a few photos. Enjoy!
She is now officially a very determined walker.
She's also made good friends with the Big Dummy.
We did a few circuits on our old standby dirt trail.
Daughter number one can't contain the thrill of speed...
...much like Mommy, on her new-to-her Raleigh XXIX dirt machine.
Daughter number two got a taste of off road riding on her newly reconfigured Big Dummy rear seat. Details of the construction coming soon.

After our first ride, we went home for some much needed lunch and napping. During the down time, I worked on my Mom's bike so that we could take another ride in the evening.

My Mom's trusty c. 1984 Univega Rover Sport. A very solid bike that will be going strong for years to come. 
Out of focus shot of my Mom on the Univega.
For our evening ride, both girls rode on the back of the Dummy. They really seem to enjoy riding together.

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