Saturday, February 1, 2014

Me and Scout in the snow

Lucky you: a rare non self-portrait, courtesy of Julie and her iPhone.
After a mostly dry winter, we've had three minor snowstorms in the past week. Not a lot of total accumulation, but better than nothing.

The Pugsley remains as fun to ride as ever, though after spending a slight majority of riding time in recent months on my Monocog with its 750mm Salsa Rustler bar, the Pug's 660mm Salsa Moto Ace bar feels far too narrow. I think I'm finished with flat bars any narrower than the Rustler.


  1. I'm totally finished with anything less than 700mm. The Muk comes with 700mm, which is fine, but I'm planning something wider soon. It steered nicely, but requires some muscle when riding fast, or when climbing.

    Top of the list is the Race Face SIXC carbon bar, which measures 785mm. Otherwise, the Race Face Atlas 3/4" bars are pretty huge, and a decent price. Salvagetti should have them. They also come in lotsa colors. Although, I do like the Rustlers.

  2. The Atlas bars have been in my sights since the last time you mentioned them. It'll be sooner than later, as the Moto Aces are keeping the Pug from being as fun as it should be. I might go with the new 35mm clamp diameter, just because. In any case, I'll have to get a new stem as the stock version is a 25.4mm clamp.

  3. Might as well jump ahead to 40mm clamp diameter. I hear it will be even stiffer and lighter.