Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superbowl Sunday

Daddy-powered sled train. Somehow, Picasa added animated snow. 
We took today as an opportunity to enjoy a town nearly devoid of human activity. A city that gets pretty crazy about its professional sports teams equivalently gets pretty quiet in the event that one of said teams makes it to a big game. At least thats the case in the suburb where we live.

Ever-enthusiastic snow shark.
In the '80s when I was working a low-paying job, the Broncos were in a couple of ill-fated Superbowls. During those games, I took advantage of receiving double pay in place of co-workers who would rather see the game. It was easy money, because customers largely stayed home.

Today, things seem much the same, with people likely concentrated around the nearest screen instead of enjoying a really nice day. However, instead of working for extra pay, we took the girls sledding and later Scout and I went for a ride. Superbowl Sunday is a great time to experience a much more lightly populated civilization.

If you haven't already done it, make sure to get outside during the big game. After all, the score isn't dependent on you, and all those commercials that people will inevitably talk about will be available online anytime, should you choose not to ignore them.

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