Sunday, January 10, 2016

Long time, no see

It would be reasonable to have given this blog up for dead. In fact, it may yet be. For a long while, I've had nothing much to add to the ever expanding universe of online activity flowing though myriad venues under a plethora of contrived names. However, I may yet post something here from time to time. Even in my negligence, this site has somehow logged nearly 200,000 visits since it began.

In any case, happy 2016. I hope to spend as much of this new year on two wheels as I am able.


  1. Ride on! Happy New Year and best wishes on your next trip around the sun. =).

  2. Well, even if you don't get to blog as often as we'd like to, I hope you do still get to be out there and ride! Enjoy!

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