Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Familia de tres Xtracycles

Left to right: Xtracycle Schwinn Panther (big sis), Xtracycle Breezer Villager (mom), and Surly Big Dummy (dad and lil' sis)
After an Xtracycle on long term loan was recently returned, we now have three longtail cargo bikes in the bike barn. During the time the loaned Xtracycle was absent, big sister grew enough to be able to ride it. Since about the age of three, when she first started riding as co-pilot on the Big Dummy, she's been talking about having a longtail of her own. Now she does. There are not likely too many 10 year-olds in command of a cargo bike, so it will be interesting to see what sort of adventures it inspires.

In other news, little sister is on the brink of moving up from 12" wheels to 16" wheels. Out of storage comes our 16 inch-wheeled Schwinn Trixie, an old friend that has seen a string of riders in our family. This venerable steed is a great introductory dirt bike for our local suburban singletrack, and has logged hundreds of miles and scorched thousands of skid marks. With a little tune up, it'll be ready for many more.

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