Sunday, December 12, 2010

A day of music downtown

Listening to the mellow sounds of a few hundred large brass instruments with Oma.
My brothers are players of large brass instruments, so naturally our family has been to many past performances of Tuba Christmas in Denver for nearly three decades. I seem to recall that most years we've attended have been snowy with temperatures hovering in the teens or even the single digits, but this year the weather was terrific. It had been quite a few years since we were last present, in fact well before she was born. However my brother Jake was performing in this year's group, so we had a good reason to introduce her to her first assembly of heavy brass. She enjoyed the music and sang along to many of the songs. Rudolph and Jingle Bells were her favorites, of course.
The best vantage point was above the crowd on the Big Daddy, in lieu of the Big Dummy.
As it turns out, tubas were not the only public music of the day. Nearby we saw a band playing jazz while riding pedicabs down the 16th Street Mall. Take note, as this comprises the pedal-powered element of this post. The band was quite good, apparently somehow connected to the Telluride Blues Festival. I'd like to see more bands being pedaled around the city while they play. That sort of thing can be nothing but beneficial for Denver in any number of ways.
Laissez le bon temps rouler et rouler, right on down the street.
But wait, there's more. Last summer, the 16th Street Mall had public pianos set up at several locations, and although most have been removed for the winter at least one remained. She discovered it and photogenically tickled the keys for a little while, attracting the attention of more photographers than just me. After all, what could depict the festivities of the day more perfectly than a little girl in an elf hat?
Note the partially visible octopus on skates painted just below the keyboard.
In all, the day was a lot of fun. A little snow might have contributed to the aura of seasonality, but I'll have to admit that I didn't miss it. Snow will inevitably be along shortly, but until then I'll continue to relish the days without it.

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