Monday, December 13, 2010

Ekeing out a little more sol

The sun sinking low over the lake
I feel like a broken record to even mention it, but we just keep getting beautiful days, now all the way into mid December. I'm sure that the other shoe will drop sooner or later in the form of a big snowstorm, but I am am determined to appreciate as much of this great weather as possible.
Command center of the Big Dummy orbital module
We took an extended ride home, turning about a mile-long trip into five. During the ride, we seized to opportunity to ride through some of our favorite areas of town, including past a municipal flower garden that has been dug in for the winter and past Ketring Lake.
Over the top and down the hill
Our route was bordered by hundreds of foraging geese and splashing ducks, along with a coot or two. We covered a fair amount of ground as the shadows grew longer. Of course we carved out enough time to ride our tiny local piece of singletrack, which includes a short downhill section that never fails to elicit happiness from the back seat.
A grinning co-pilot

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