Friday, December 31, 2010

Staying up to meet the New Year

Too cold for the fluorescent lighting in the bike shop to fully ignite. That smile may be Cheeto induced.
After a prolonged mild Fall, Winter arrived in full force yesterday with snow and plunging temperatures. As of now, 11:10pm Standard Mountain Time, our girl is still going strong. This was the first year that we thought she might be able to stay up until midnight. We asked her if she wanted to give it a try, and of course she was game. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we as parents are allowing her to experience indulgence characteristic of New Year's Eve partying. We're enjoying some snacks and bubbly drinks of carbonated French lemonade and orange juice mimosas, simulated for the grade school crowd and spirit fortified for the Mommy and Daddy crew.

A lot of great bike events and advances occurred this year, and we had fun on two wheels in our family and with friends as frequently as possible. As in the past, some bikes entered our household and some left. The Big Dummy continued to be well ridden and transported us on many trips, both for utility and for fun. The year 2010 will always be remembered as the year our girl learned to ride a bike. There's no telling what she will be up to in 2011, but no doubt it'll be great. On behalf of all of us here, we look forward to seeing you on the trail or the street soon.
This is cold for us: flirting with 0F, or about -17C.

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