Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another go with a red bike

The wheels spin on this little animation while you wait. The processing time to check out a bike was so quick that I had to do the procedure a few times before I was able to capture a photo.
It's only a few days until the Denver B-cycle system will be rolling again. Today I helped out with another round of tests to ensure the system is working well. The people who manipulate everything behind the scenes had already incorporated changes to improve functionality from findings of the previous tests.
No need to type in a dock number as was the case last year; just tap a number and your bike releases. Of course if you have a B-card, the check out process is lightning fast directly from a dock.
The new kiosk screens are vastly superior to those of last year. Annual B-card holders don't need to use the kiosk screens, but the improvements make the walk-up user experience much smoother. The interface is slick and easy, the colors make the screens more clear to read, and the touch functionality is effortless.
Denver B-cycle number 044 was my ride for part of the afternoon.
Today was much warmer for riding than the day of the previous test. This was the kind of day that makes it difficult to think of any good reason to stay inside.
Northbound on Lawrence. Stephanie, just ahead of me, was my testing partner for the afternoon.
This Saturday morning will be the Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade, in which 250 of the Denver B-cycle bikes will be ridden and later delivered to B-stations throughout the city. The Denver Bike Sharing mechanics have been working steadily to prep the bikes for the parade and opening day. As you might imagine, so many bikes take a lot of space to store and manage.
Phil and crew deftly juggle a lot of bikes in a limited work area.
Some of the bikes are all set to go. All that is needed are riders.
I'll be riding one of the 250 bikes in the parade. It will be the first time I've ever been in a parade of any sort. I suppose I'll have to practice my demure wave and toothy smile.

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