Saturday, March 19, 2011

Harbingers of Spring

A perfect day for a ride.
Spring starts tomorrow, but there have already been plenty of signs of its arrival. It would have been nearly impossible for anyone who spent time outdoors today not to have noticed. Green tendrils and crocus blossoms are peeking through the soil and a blanket of flowering trees will be bursting in no time.

Bikes are also popping up in more places with the arrival of warm, pleasant days.  Denver B-cycle is nearing the end of its first week of operation for the year, and bikes of all types are coming out of storage all over town.
Denver B-cycle number 056 is indeed good.
Sighted downtown: a bakfiets complete with rainshield and child seat installed in the box.
Wash Perk, a neighborhood coffee shop in West Wash Park is leading the way for bicycle-vended commerce in Denver. The Perk Cycle is now in action, and was featured in today's Denver Post. The bike is a very unique and amazing machine, but no more so than its pilot, Teri. Teri's Perk Cycle is the best combination of coffee and wheels in the city. If you'd like to have a look in person, the Perk Cycle will be in Washington Park much of the day tomorrow. Otherwise, look for the Perk Cycle around town, or you can always stop in at Wash Perk at the corner of Ohio and South Emerson to find out more.
The Perk Cycle in action: Teri (left) and Maddie (center) serve a fresh cup of coffee to a happy customer.
The doors of the bike form a sign board.
The Perk Cycle and its supply and equipment support bike, a venerable Xtracycle.
After a visit to a couple of parks and a seeing the Perk Cycle in action, the latter part of the day was topped off with some ice cream and a bit of bike riding, another perfectly complementary pairing. For those of you in the Denver area, tomorrow is the day of the BikeDenver Vernal Equinox ride, which promises to be a lot of fun. Check out the BikeDenver website for details.
Sporting the perpetually stylish ice cream mustache.
"Look Daddy, no fingers," is a natural predecessor to "Look Daddy, no hands."

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  1. So great to see you three today. We have such a deep appreciation for bringing the Perk Cycle in to the realm of possibility for us.
    Too bad we missed the ice cream! Yummmmm.