Monday, March 14, 2011

Denver B-cycle opens for 2011

Denver B-cycle number 422 was my ride for my first official trip of the 2011 season.
After a little over three months in hibernation, the revolutionary red bikes of Denver B-cycle were back on the street today. I took several rides taking me from the Convention Center to LoDo, to part of the Highlands, and eventually to near the Auraria campus. I was grateful to have the bikes back in operation, saving me the trouble of having to retrieve one of my bikes and/or walking some sizeable distances.
Number 532 is the highest numbered Denver B-cycle I've ridden to date.
I always notice the numbers of the B-cycle bikes that I ride. I saw some old friends, such as Denver B-cycle numbers 422, 002, and 218, but I also met some new numbers that weren't part of the fleet last year, such as numbers 528, 531 and 532, which happens to be the highest number I've seen so far.
National Velvet seems as reasonable a title as any for this sculpture by John McEnroe near the Highlands Bridge. People probably have various reactions to this unusual artwork, but as for me, I like it. Besides, it's B-cycle red.
The weather was perfect for riding. From what I saw, a lot of people didn't let the opportunity slip by without taking advantage. Even the wildlife in the area seemed to know not to pass up the opportunity to take in the sun.
I spent a few minutes watching this contented little fox stretch and preen in the sun while waiting for a train. Just before the train arrived, the fox ducked into the culvert next to where it had been sitting.
A bit later, the Big Dummy hummed right along on our regular route. When the school bell rang, nobody had to remind the kids to get out and have fun. 
A happy co-pilot is a good co-pilot.
Just a reminder, folks. About this time of year I start to notice an increase in the numbers of creaky or squeaky chains on bikes I meet on streets and trails, so please remember to keep those chains well lubricated. Thus ends my public service announcement.

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