Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bike to Work Day

Pink. Old. Speedy. No, I still haven't wrapped the bars yet.
Today was the annually recurring day when biking to work gets the attention it deserves. It's always encouraging to see the trails and streets teeming with people of all shapes and sizes on bikes. A lot of people worked hard to bring to the public bicycle infrastructure improvements over the past year. A similarly large effort was behind the day's wide range of quality treats, goodies and entertainment. Having been involved with some of the underlying processes, it is rewarding to see Denver continue to blossom into a top-tier bike town.

I'm all for coaxing people to try riding to work or school or to coffee or really for any trip. However, it's too bad that biking for transportation doesn't receive more attention and acknowledgement throughout the rest of the year. Bike to work day, perhaps without so much fanfare, could easily occur monthly, or even weekly year around. I'm not suggesting as a city we should forgo the fun of the annual event, but to truly encourage people to bike more, the periodic frequency of Bike to Work Day may need to be greatly increased. Off my soapbox now.

Since the day involves uncharacteristic choices for many who don't ride regularly, I decided to follow suit by doing something uncharacteristic for me, and ride my road bike as a commuter. Those who know me, readily see me as a cargo and/or utilitarian bike rider, accustomed to platform BMX pedals, any type of shoes and whatever clothes are comfortable. Today I chose my least utilitarian bike and rode with cleats and, although I wasn't in full kit, I did incorporate some thought into my choice of apparel.
1991 Diamond Back Master TG
I've always liked this part of the Master TG, where the narrow angle of the seatstays meet the seat tube.
I was rewarded in my choice to ride a different steed with a much faster journey, at least in my terms. My Garmin 210 reported a summary of each mile to me while enroute, and there were several miles during which I averaged about 20 mph. That may not sound impressive to any racer types out there, but that is lightning fast compared to riding many of my other bikes.
The giant metallic dog sparkles in the sun.
I was going along my way quickly, and didn't pause often to take photos. I made an exception to take a shot of a new piece of public art along the Platte River Trail, and found out by way of the Culinary Hack that the dog sculpture is for the new Denver Animal Shelter. As someone who has a critical eye for art, I thought it to be quite good and am pleased that the work entitled Sun Spot is associated with the new facility.
The Master TG parked downtown outside the building where I had a meeting.
Later in the day we met friends visiting from Alabama in Wash Park for a relaxing evening. At least one of us is of the opinion that it's always good to have other kids around to play with.
That's the way she rolls.
Kids and mud; a perennial favorite.
I have something new, black and Surly that will be finding its way more substantially onto this blog at some point in the near future. A couple of teaser shots appear below. However, it is not quite as impressive as something else that is new, black and Surly rumored to have arrived recently. We'll have to wait for the owner to spill the beans.
Or something else?

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