Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Platte River burger run

A bear for an off-road ride would offer serious traction.
As this is officially bike to whatever week in the city, it was a perfect day to ride to dinner with some friends. As our respective maternal counterparts were otherwise occupied, David and I met up at the Carson Nature Center and off we went with three kids in tow.
A cormorant on a rock.
Joel, David and Drew nearing our destination.
She and Joel did a great job riding three and a half miles to our dinner spot, quite a distance for little legs. Drew isn't quite up to trail riding as of yet, so he enjoyed the route from the trailer. Along the way we saw cormorants, a Black-crowned Night Heron, and plentiful ducks and geese.

I neglected to take any photos of the burgers, fries and ice cream, but as usual, they were great.

Following the meal, we set off again to our point of origin. She tacked on another mile and a half of solo riding and Joel flew co-pilot on the Big Dummy.
Two wheeled rocket in cruise mode.
After a bit she and her bike became passengers on the Big Dummy, accompanying Joel and his bike. One bike was in the carrier and the other was in tow with the front wheel in one of the Freeloaders, with the kids on the seat. This set a new personal record for passengers and bikes on the Dummy.
Two passengers and two bikes aboard. Leave it to two five year-olds to deduce that, counting training wheels, this is now an eight-wheeler.
I think David, riding a bit behind us, was amused at the double takes of other riders and pedestrians along the trail. I occasionally forget what an oddity it is for regular people to see a loaded cargo bike in action, and we had a real road train on display. It's kind of fun to see a swift rider on a training run slow down a bit and take a long look. Groups often voice astonishment or admiration among each other. We encounter few who have nothing to say. One guy, who happened to be an Xtracycle owner, rode along with us for a while to understand a bit more about how I built the bike carrier. If anything, hauling passengers and their bikes seems to be a great conversation starter.
Silliness ensued on the back seat. They also issued friendly reminders to wear helmets to those without that we met on the trail.
All too soon, we were back at our starting point and had to say goodbye. She and I saddled up and were on our way again, but after half a mile or so I put her bike back on the Dummy. She finished up with about 5.5 miles for the evening. Her toned leg muscles are evidence of her increased strength and endurance, thanks almost entirely to near daily rides for the past couple of months.
We had our choice of two parallel trails, either paved or crusher fine.
Imagine a nation of non-motorized highways.
We paused for a moment to appreciate the trail system. It's great to have access to such great facilities. On our way we had the fortune to encounter a train going over an old tunnel that has been adapted to accommodate passage of the Lee Gulch Trail.

To all you metro area residents, have a great Bike to Work Day tomorrow.
A stone tunnel that has likely been in use for a century or so.


  1. Burgers and beers, tis a glorious combination, especially when shared with friends. I love the shot of the fully loaded cargo bike, contrary to the musings of BSNYC, it is a flotilla of joy.

  2. The trifecta of B word happiness is certainly burgers, beers and bikes. I'm going on the assumption that you may have inadvertently thought "bikes" and your fingers dutifully typed out "beers". It happens to me all the time. Unfortunately this ride had no associated barley pops, but my smugness toboggan was definitely a joyous vessel.