Sunday, June 12, 2011

A ride on the Pedal Hopper

Andy is ready to venture off into the wild blue yonder.
My friend Andy, the most connected guy in Denver, is heading to the West coast after a long stint here, and as a sendoff his friends booked passage on our fair city's newest pedal powered entertainment platform, the Pedal Hopper. Bike geeks of international prowess may have seen similar machines plying the streets of foreign locales, such as Amsterdam or exotic Minneapolis. Some of those other pedaling platforms are rolling bars with drinks served on board, however this one is not, at least at the present time. What the Pedal Hopper does well and extremely enjoyably is get you and your friends from one place to another, and if the places you visit happen to serve adult refreshments, so be it. All you do is supply the power for forward motion.
This is the business end of how you supply the power. Het Fietscafe means "The Bike Cafe" in Dutch, if you're wondering.
I can vouch for the fun of the experience of pedaling along at slow speed with fellow revelers. This machine is a terrific way to experience the night life of the city. It's destined to be popular and to contribute to Denver's growing bicycle culture.

For your enjoyment, here are a few photos of the ride.
The guy on the left is Jeff, the multi-talented driver and Captain of this vessel. He did a terrific job and is well worth requesting on your Pedal Hopper ride.
Most of our party aboard. The vehicle can carry 16 at a time. Ten seats are equipped with pedals to propel 2,400 pounds of machine in addition to the weight of the passengers.
On-board entertainment.
The crew post ride. Fun was had by all.
Geluk, Andy!

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  1. Leave it to Krystal to entertain the masses! Awesome. Have fun, Andy! See you soon!