Friday, February 24, 2012

Now that's a commuter bike

Complete with cardboard two-cylinder engine.
I spotted this bike while out and about today, parked at a building not known for high bike rack occupancy. Ordinarily, I might have chalked a distinctive cruiser such as this up as a joyride mobile. However, today was clear, windy and chilly with a lot of slushy, crusty leftover snow; not the kind of day for a joyride. Then I noticed the Jandd panniers and plastic bakery box zip-tied to the rear rack, serving as some serious cargo enhancements. The Bell full-face helmet and the cardboard engine top off the apocalyptic motif. As an owner and appreciator of quirky bikes, my hat is off. Well done, hearty chopper commuter, whoever you are.


  1. I cannot say for sure, but that may be Gil's ride. I hope you bump into him one day as he is far and away the most enthusiastic cyclist I have met. 5280 profiled, here is the article.

    1. That was a great story. Whether or not it was his bike, I hope to meet Gil someday.