Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend with the girls

Girls out for some fun.
Over the weekend, my human and canine girls were in the mood to get out and enjoy the sun, despite the wind. We made a big neighborhood loop of a couple of miles. The street was mostly dry, with a few scattered patches of snow and ice. They both enjoy the snow in slightly different ways. While our girl enjoys plowing through little piles of crusty snow, Scout savors snapping up crunchy mouthfuls. The girl human is an old pro on a bike now, and the girl dog is getting accustomed to being around bikes. I have a feeling that both of these girls are going to be ready for some serious off-road adventures this summer.
She enjoyed speeding past me, then skidding and giggling.
They both want to be the leader. Both benefit from learning to take turns.
Proof that I choose a more efficient line than my dog.
An Xtracycle Radish spotted in Cherry Creek.

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  1. I took a very similar picture in front of Denver Health