Friday, January 11, 2013

Scout: a cowdog with the heart of a snowmobile

The ever intrepid snow dog.
From visual characteristics, Scout's apparent genetic background does not point to a large representation of Husky or Malamute. Yet, she is one of the most snow-lovingest dogs I've ever encountered. She enjoys nothing more than running in fresh snow, snapping up mouthfuls to chomp along the way. Scout deserves much of the credit for initiating our nightly rides, and is quite insistent in telling me when it is time to go. She allows me to linger until the last dinner plate is put away, but after that, she'll chew on my hands and generally pester me until I gear up and head for the bike barn. I think she perpetually hopes for snow, but deigns to run on dry surfaces when necessary.

Tonight was another after-dark ride, in fact, the 11th out of the 11 days of this year so far. Even though it's been over a week since I finished the Tarik Saleh Bike Club Challenge, I've continued to ride more than I would have ordinarily ridden. The Pugsley continues to be my favored bike, but not specifically for its prowess in the snow. We haven't really had much snowfall this winter. Sure, an inch or two fell today, and there was a bit leftover from last week still hiding in the shadows, but it has unfortunately been a very dry season.

This evidence supports a hypothesis suggesting that the acquisition of a bike for which riding in snow is a primary objective, may be associated with paucity of snowfall in geographic proximity. Similar evidence was independently observed in Spokane last year. In any case, Scout and I have been enjoying whatever snow is made available to us, and will continue to do so. Here's hoping for more of the white stuff, perhaps even a big dump like last year.
Tell-tale signs of an out-and-back fatbike/dog bikejoring ride.
I don't have the necessary photographic skill or equipment to actually capture the glittering snow, but glittering it was.


  1. We don't really have enough snow right now to justify riding a fatbike either, but I find it's still my bike of choice so much of the time. Dang thing is just so much fun to ride.

    1. It is really impossible to disregard the fun factor. All of my bikes are fun in one way or another, but I agree that a fatbike just seems to be more fun for just about anything.