Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tarik Saleh Bike Club Challenge Day 8: Finale

Snow biker.
Today was my last day for the Tarik Saleh Bike Club Challenge. Although today's ride was among the shorter rides that I've taken in the past week, it was one of the most fun, due to my riding partners and our objective. See, this was no ordinary ride. It was a hot cocoa ride, for which I was joined by Big Sis and Scout.
Scout's familiar speedy trot.
Dry cocoa mix in an aptly labeled, repurposed jar.
We rode through the neighborhood to get to one of our favorite parks. On this chilly day, it was nice to find a picnic table with good sun exposure. In no time, I unpacked our cocoa making gear, of which my recently constructed penny stove was a key element. A few minutes later, boiling water, and subsequently hot cocoa, was achieved.
Hot cocoa making equipment.
Inexpensive Stanley stainless steel 700 ml pot atop my penny stove.
Cocoa chef measuring out the powder into a cup.
Soaking in the waning rays of the winter afternoon sun.
Stirring the final product.
The verdict is that it's good, especially with snowman-shaped marshmallows...
...and mini donuts.
After we finished our snack, we packed everything away and continued on our way. Thanks again, Tarik, for coming up with a plan to ensure a pack of fellow bike bloggers would get out and ride during this potentially lethargic time of year. Riding every day, culminating with a ride featuring a snack session in the middle was a great way to start the new year. Here's to many more bike miles to come in 2013. Happy new year, everyone!

Ready to roll again.
Happy trails.


  1. Excellent! I will have to replicate a coco ride with my daughter this year...

    1. It's a ride variant that I highly recommend and seems to be enjoyed by daughter types.

  2. What fun! Way better than my ride to Starbucks (the only place I figured would be open).

    Nice work, Dad.

    1. Thanks. I'm ordinarily too cheap to buy hot drinks if I can make them instead. Strange to say, but I don't even know where the closest Starbucks is.