Thursday, August 18, 2016

First day of school, once again

2016: Sixth Grade
2015: Fifth Grade
2014: Fourth Grade
2013: Third Grade
2012: Second Grade
2011: First Grade
2010: Kindergarten
So far, so good, starting each first day of school by bike. She rode a different bike for each year except between second and third grades. Each of these bikes will experience renewed adoration as Lil Sis grows her way up the chain. Next year, I'll have two photos of this type to make.


  1. My favorite commercial for the back to school season is/was the Staples one where the parents are singing a Christmas jingle, "It's the most wonderful time of the year" Same helmet since 2nd grade, hmm, maybe Santa Claus should recheck his list? =)

    1. I noticed the helmet as well, though not until I pulled all the photos together. The adjustability keeps growing with her, but I think a new helmet is on the horizon. Strange how the years just seem to mesh together.